Since its founding, Eleven has had ongoing retainer relationships with:

  • Two of the world’s Top five agency networks.
  • A global PR network
  • A leading worldwide Digital network
  • The premiere data/CRM agency network
  • A kick-ass Sales Promotion agency
  • One of the world’s most admired creative shops
  • The world’s largest commercial real estate company
  • Two highly regarded professional healthcare agencies
  • An up and coming customer marketing agency
  • A strategic branding consultancy

They’ve all come to Eleven with the same objective:  Help us sharpen our story (or in some cases, figure it out), tell it in a more compelling way, figure out who our best prospects should be, and make us better at selling ourselves.

To do that, Eleven has worked alongside the CEO or President on the following:

  • Overall Business Positioning and Brand Credentials
  • Business Development strategy and plan development
  • Aligning the agency’s structure and management to deliver on the new business promise
  • New Business training of staff
  • Organizing the new business function within the organizations
  • Writing RFPs and customized credentials presentations
  • Advising on major new business efforts
  • Executive Coaching
  • Editing and rewriting awards show entries to support the corporate position

Clients of Eleven all say the same thing:  “Mark’s like a Board member who actually does stuff, instead of pontificate. He gets deep into our organization to make us better and smarter…and more confident about who we are.”